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How Do I Stop My dog….???

Most people think of dog training as teaching the dog NOT to do something. However, counter-intuitively, this is not the best approach to take. Sure, we can punish our dog for doing things we don’t like but that only teaches him to not to do that specific thing – it...

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Is a Tired Dog Really a Good Dog?

Today I’m tired.  I had a busy weekend at a show, lots of things going on; mostly good and fun, some a bit nerve wracking. A bit of traveling, didn’t sleep so well and new places are always a bit unsettling just because they are.  So my batteries are flat and I feel...

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Things They Won’t Tell You About Getting A Puppy

So, your brand new bundle of fun arrives in just a few days! You did your research, you found the type, breed and sex of pup that would fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. You have the crate, the harness, the lead, the bowls, the toys, the food and the bed....

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Introduction: Welcome to Hot Dogs!

Hello fellow dog lovers! Thank you for visiting my website and blog; I’m excited to have you here! Let me tell you a bit about myself, what this blog will used for, and the dogs I currently own and train. I’m Sarah Ripley, owner of HotDogs K9 Training, here in lovely...

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