Fun and Sports Training


Training for Sports is a great way to build a strong bond with your dog.  It gives you focus, improves your training skills beyond what you may have thought possible and is incredible fun too!  If you have a smart dog, they will be delighted to get their teeth into the challenges of training for sports.  You don’t have to be interested in competing to have fun teaching new skills.  Read about the many benefits for both you and your dog here.


Establish your starting point. Just starting with sports? Go for foundations.  Problem solving? Get in touch for a chat.


Decide what you’d like to do. Check out the options below to see what I offer.


Get in touch. We’ll have a chat and then get started.  Simple as that!

Take your training further!  Have fun and learn new skills:

Sports Foundations

  • Attention and focus
  • Clicker training basics
  • Targets
  • Duration
  • Effective play

Competition problem solving:

  • Over arousal in the sports context
  • Ring performance woes
  • Needing some polish
  • Handler skills
  • Putting it all together

Rally Obedience:

  • Teach the behaviours
  • Learn the signs
  • Practice courses
  • Laugh a lot!
  • Find out more about Rally obedience here

Competitive Obedience:

  • Learn how to get precision AND attitude!
  • Beautiful, confident heelwork
  • Fast, slick responses to cues
  • Rock solid stays
  • Find out more about competitive obedience here

Nose work:

  • Teach your dog to find target odours
  • Perfect for all dogs, all ages
  • Builds confidence, great for shy or anxious dogs
  • Read more about the benefits of Nosework here


Sports Training at HotDogs Premises
+ Brief email summary and handouts
45 min

“I went to Sarah for help with competitive obedience and while I received great help with this I also learnt how to train the dog as a “whole being,” learning about environmental, physical and mental stimulus and to become more of a team in our everyday lives.

Her positive training methods are great and she always has a solution for any problem that arises. I am so pleased with Sarah’s training methods that I am going to her with my new dog as well.”

— Michelle

Not sure what you need?

Contact me – we’ll figure it out together.

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