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Introducing a Cat to Cujo

A few weeks ago, I did something bonkers.  I decided to get a cat.  That might not seem so strange until you realise that I live with a dog who kills things.  Breezy is a 9 yr. old husky x border collie.  He has killed birds, rodents and rabbits.  He would have LOVED...

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Why Manners Matter

For most dog owners, the thought of having to carry food or toys everywhere is a turn off. Who wants smelly dog treats of soggy toys in their pockets all day? Yuck! Well, with a bit of effort it doesn’t have to be that way. All dogs have things they LOVE to do....

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How Do I Stop My dog….???

Most people think of dog training as teaching the dog NOT to do something. However, counter-intuitively, this is not the best approach to take. Sure, we can punish our dog for doing things we don’t like but that only teaches him to not to do that specific thing – it...

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