Pet Skills Training

Everything the perfect pet needs.

Dogs can be great fun — but they are also their own beings and aren’t born with an innate understanding of the human world and all its expectations. If you’ve found you’re struggling to teach your dog how to operate in the world around him, I can help.

Whether it’s teaching him how a civilised canine behaves, or working on fear, aggression, or other behavioural issues, together we can bring out your dog’s best self.

I offer three options when it comes to pet skills training…

… And you can choose to train at Hotdogs or I can come to you!



We’ll train your dog together! I’ll meet you once a week, and give you and your doggie partner the skills you need to succeed.

Then, I’ll leave you with detailed specific notes and instructions so you can continue to make progress in between visits!

Day Training


I’ll come spend time training your dog for you a few times a week, handing over the information you need to continue to succeed.

Or, if you need help getting your dog out and about, I can do much of that work for you by taking your dog on regular outings about town.

Pre Purchase Consultation

Thinking about bringing a new dog home? I offer one-off sessions on preventing problems before a new canine arrives.

We’ll cover both specific questions you may have and my top advice for new dog owners.

All lessons include a written training plan and training notes on exercises and recommendations from each session.
Pre-purchase consultation includes a written report and the puppy primer pack via email. 

Struggling with a dog training problem? I can help!

Reactivity towards people or animals




Household issues (barking, toileting, stealing, etc)


Canine education (manners and obedience)


Handling and Husbandry problems


Coming when called


The obedience exercises


The Rally-O signs


Trial prep for dog and handler

“You have a wonderful box full of positive training skills and are happy to try other options if the first doesn’t work until you get to something that suits us both… I like the way that you don’t have just one box that everyone has to fit into and how well you work each partnership on its own merits.” — Anne McLachlan

Not sure what you need?

Contact me – we’ll figure it out together.

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