Taking Training Further

Sports training for fun and competition.

Looking to take your training further?

Whether you’re just looking to keep having fun with your dog by continuing to train or you want to compete, dog sports are a great option! I offer training for Rally-O, Obedience, and Nosework.

Or, if sports aren’t your thing, I also offer lessons on the science — and art — of dog training to help you learn more about training your dog.

I offer several training options to help take your training further…


Lessons are 45 minutes for $40 each

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn the competitive obedience exercises or Rally-O signs, almost ring ready but need help with trial prep, or are looking to refine and polish your ‘not quite perfect’ competition behaviours, I can help improve your performance.


Lessons are 45 minutes for $40 each

Have a shy dog or one that loves to use his nose?

Come explore nosework! Nosework is great for helping teach confidence and allows your dog to use his natural abilities in a whole new way, in a fun game with you.


Advanced Dog Training

Lessons are 45 minutes for $40 each

Hooked on training and want to improve your skills? I also teach the art and science of training. Join me to geek out on dog training and expand your knowledge and skills to heights you never knew existed; I’d love to help you on that journey!

All lessons include an email summary of exercises covered. 
Interested in taking your training further? I can help!

Obedience Exercises


Rally-O Signs


The Training Process


Trial Prep for dog and handler


Distraction Training


Stimulus Control


Focus Training


Removing Treats


Reading your dog

“I went to Sarah for help with competitive obedience and while I received great help with this I also learnt how to train the dog as a “whole being,” learning about environmental, physical and mental stimulus and to become more of a team in our everyday lives.

Her positive training methods are great and she always has a solution for any problem that arises. I am so pleased with Sarah’s training methods that i am going to her with my new dog as well.”

— Michelle Cole

Want to learn more?

Contact me – together, we’ll take your training to the next level.

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